How to Develop a Parenting Plan

Parents arguing about their child parenting plan

Parenting plans are essential for both parents and children. They help ensure that children have stability and routine and that both parents know what is expected of them. The team at Hedayati Law Group P.C. breaks down what you need to know to start a parenting plan.

Define Your Parenting Goals and Objectives

In order to create an effective plan, it is essential to define not only the practical elements of the agreement but also its goals and objectives. Additionally, while good communication can sometimes be challenging between former spouses, striving for open dialogue when creating an effective parenting plan is critical for successful co-parenting.

Determining The Best Custody Arrangement

When forming a parenting plan for the good of both parents and children, it's essential to consider the various custody arrangements available in New York. These include:

  • Legal Custody — the right to make major decisions about a child;
  • Physical Custody — where the child lives; and,
  • Shared Custody — also known as joint legal and/or physical custody.

Other important steps in creating a successful parenting plan involve determining visitation schedules and parental responsibilities and deciding whether or not an attorney should be present at your meeting. It's possible to develop a mutually beneficial agreement that sets parameters and puts your children first; however, it requires careful consideration of different options on both sides.

Determining a Visitation Schedule

Developing a parenting plan with your ex-spouse that you and your children can agree upon can be challenging. It is essential to remain flexible and reasonable when determining a visitation schedule that works for both parties. Start by considering what your child needs and prioritize their well-being, including how often they see the other parent. Make sure the times specified are reasonable for all involved, allowing enough time to accommodate travel arrangements, school activities, and time spent with other extended family members.

Put Everything in Writing and Have it Reviewed

When finalizing a parenting plan, it is vital to ensure all aspects of the arrangement are written down, as this will help resolve future disputes and misunderstandings. A written document can also help define each parent's roles and responsibilities in raising their child — ultimately putting the child's best interest first. It is optimal to have a parenting plan reviewed by attorneys familiar with complex family law situations. An attorney's insight can provide peace of mind that any problems that may arise due to a lack of understanding or unclear regulations are avoided.

Questions About Creating a Parenting Plan?

Creating a parenting plan that works for both parents can be complex, so it's important to ensure you have the best advice possible. At Hedayati Law Group P.C., we understand the complexities of family law and custody cases so that we can provide comprehensive legal guidance throughout this process. Contact us today for reliable expert advice through your parenting plan creation process. (631) 880-6440

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