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When a New York divorce court judge orders your ex-spouse to pay child support to you every month, it might seem to you that all of your troubles are over. If your ex is stubborn and stops paying child support, despite the court’s order, they can cause a whole new world of problems for you. When asking politely for them to comply is not working, it is time to take legal action and speak to Hedayati Law Group P.C. about how to enforce child support orders.


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What You Can Do When Your Ex Is Not Paying

Unreasonable ex-spouses not paying child support despite a court order has been a problem for decades. To put matters to rest, the Child Support Enforcement Act was established in 1984, which created a particular set of rules you can follow to legally enforce the child support order. It begins with retaining an attorney who creates the proper paperwork to serve to your ex, demanding that they meet to make a payment plan, or there could be consequences.

Legal consequences that can be imposed against a noncompliant ex include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Property seizure
  • Federal tax refunds garnished or withheld
  • Revoked driver’s license
  • Invalidation of passport
  • Suspension of professional license

Jail time can also be used to penalize an ex-spouse who has stopped making child support payments. This is generally the final choice as they may become entirely unable to provide child support in jail.

Modifications to Child Support Agreements

When your ex falls back on child support payments, they are said to be in arrears. While there is nothing that can reduce the amount they owe you from past payments, falling into child support arrears may allow them to seek to modify your child support agreement with the intent to reduce how much they pay you each month. In some cases, this may be agreeable between both spouses. In others, it is simply unfair to the parent who was relying on child support to pay the bills. If your ex is seeking to modify child support, you can always challenge their motion with a professional family law attorney and push for proper enforcement.

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Even though a New York divorce court judge created the order for child support payments initially, enforcing it does not necessarily mean you are at an automatic advantage. To avoid getting caught up in litigation and increase your chances of success in this legal battle, be sure to retain a team of Long Island child support attorneys you can trust and that past clients rave about.

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