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Court Order Modifications in New York

As your divorce draws near its end, the court will need to begin establishing legal regulations for you and your ex to follow in the years to come. Known as court orders, the rules outlined on these documentations and agreements can feel like they are set in stone, and may control a wide variety aspects pertinent to your day-to-day lives.


Court orders will typically control the following after a divorce:

The importance of making court orders fair becomes clear when you consider just how much they can really affect. If they are not drafted properly, you could be left at a financial or emotional disadvantage, and you may need to file for a court order modification to set things right and re-balance the scales of your divorce.

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How to Modify a Court Order

A court order is not something that the judge will create on a whim. Weeks or months may transpire as a divorce progresses and the judge reviews your case. Due to the thought and care that should be put into making the court order in the first place, a solid, logical argument must be presented if you wish to have an order modified.

Reasons you may cite while requesting a court order modification include:

  • Criminal arrest
  • Debilitating illness
  • Ex-spouse gets a significant pay raise
  • Ex-spouse remarries
  • Must move to keep employment
  • Serious injury
  • Unexpected job loss or wage cut

For example, you might be ordered to pay alimony to your ex every month equal to 25% of your wages. At the time of the divorce, you are able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle even while providing spousal support. If you are demoted at work, that original 25% may now be equivalent to 75% of your paycheck instead. You could file for a court order modification to lower the alimony you are expected to pay, possibly down to what would be 25% of your new income.

Rest Easy Knowing You Can Live Comfortably

The whole purpose of a court order in the first place is to make certain that everyone in your family will be comfortable and happy after the divorce finalizes. If that no longer is the case and it is due to the court order itself, something should be done to correct it. Our team of family law attorneys on Long Island can help you review all aspects pertinent to your court orders, including your finances, your distance traveled to get to work, and more to determine what should be changed and why. Our team is serious about seeing you happy again, and we are willing to put in extra effort to prove that to you.

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