How to Improve Communication During Your Divorce

With a divorce comes many financial, legal, and personal decisions that often cause contention between spouses, making consistent communication essential. If a couple is unable to communicate their intentions and desires clearly, it could lead to unnecessary arguments and may draw out the length of the divorce process. There are a few things you can do to maintain the lines of communication between you and your spouse during your divorce, and thus improve your chances of an amicable split.

1. Agree to Boundaries: It may be strange and difficult to adjust to your previous ways of communication with your spouse as you each enter the divorce process. Try to set boundaries for communication and other things, including how often you will discuss your divorce and in what ways. For example, if you are unable to see one another without arguing, consider using email as your designated mode of interaction. This way, each of you is prepared and content with how often you communicate, and in what way, before any issues arise.

2. Stay in the Present Moment: For many couples, the issues that prompted their decision to divorce can be sensitive and may make one or both spouses feel angry, hurt, or frustrated. It can, therefore, be tempting to discuss these issues as you go through your divorce, but it is better not to. Instead, try to focus on the issue at hand rather than bringing up past issues that could lead to an argument.

3. Be Mindful of Your Tone: The way in which we speak often holds as much, if not more, meaning than our actual words. Check your tone and try to be as neutral as possible in order to avoid speaking to your spouse in a way that could make communication more difficult or stir up anger.

4. Consider Mediation: Having an unbiased third party involved in your divorce can help both you and your spouse communicate more effectively. The mediator will be fair and will not choose sides, and their mere presence may lend a more official air to your discussions.

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