Don't Make These 4 Big Mistakes If You're Fighting for Child Custody

For many people, a child custody dispute is representative of the most difficult battle they will need to face in their lifetime. The outcome, no matter which way it sways, will affect both spouses as well as their children for years, if not the rest of their lives. Every step in a child custody battle must be carefully planned and deliberate, for a single slip-up could be disastrous for a parent’s argument for custody. And yet, big mistakes can and do frequently happen, mostly because a parent didn’t know what to expect before the case began.

If you are contending for child custody rights, be sure to avoid these damaging mistakes:

  • Ignoring temporary court orders: At the start of a divorce, it is not uncommon for the court to create temporary orders that both spouses must follow. If you share children, a few of these temporary orders should pertain to your kids, such as custody, support, and visitation. Follow these orders to the letter, or else the court will see you as irresponsible or erratic.
  • Refusing to cooperate: The court understands that a cooperative, reasonable parent is one that should be primarily raising a child. If you will absolutely not budge on any sort of child custody agreement with your ex, and compromise is a word you will not define, you will only be hurting your own chances in the end.
  • Oversharing on social media: Your Facebook wall and Twitter feed are not private. Be careful what you say, do, and post on all forms of social media. Plenty of child custody cases have turned a full 180 degrees in recent years after unflattering, embarrassing, and irresponsible posts have been brought to the attention of the court.
  • Breaking the law: It goes without saying that obeying the law at all times is a smart decision. But simply being arrested for a crime, not necessarily charged or convicted, can reflect poorly enough on your behavior that a family law judge decides not to award you with child custody.

If you’re preparing for a child custody dispute, speak with Hedayati Law Group, P.C. at your first opportunity. Our Long Island family lawyers can help you understand how to avoid big mistakes, or help correct matters if you have already made one. All you need to do is contact us today to schedule a free case analysis.

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