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At Hedayati Law Group, P.C., our New York divorce attorneys truly believe in the irrefutable importance of respecting and upholding each spouse’s rights during divorce and other family law disputes. Unfortunately, the courtroom can often seem one-sided, unfairly given preferences to your spouse. As your divorce lawyers, it will be our duty to ensure your voice is heard in and out of court, and that your best interests are considered and upheld.

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Complex Financial Assets & Marital Property

Have you left your occupation or education behind to raise your children? If so, the overall status of your marital property can be a bit of a mystery. Relying on your spouses to provide the primary source of income while you maintain the home could put you at unfair risk of losing your fair share of marital property. Our New York divorce lawyers are insistent on doing everything we can to help our clients understand the true extent of their marital assets and finances so that they know they are getting their fair, equitable share in a divorce.

Complex marital assets that may be pertinent to your divorce include:

  • Retirement plans and savings
  • Privately-owned businesses
  • Stock options
  • Real estate property

Any property that belonged solely to your spouse before you married started off as separate property. If you contributed significantly to that property’s upkeep or value, however, it could potentially become marital property, allowing you to have a share of it when you divorce. For example: If your husband or wife owned a restaurant and you financially and heavily invested in it for years, it could be considered marital property due to your dedication.

Your Rights as a Parent of Divorce

All aspects of a divorce are meant to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Preexisting biases or judgments should not be permitted to affect your case, but they may. Our New York divorce lawyers handle every case we accept as if it was our own, monitoring the process carefully as it progresses so there is no room for unfair judgments. If we see something that does not respect your rights as a parent in divorce, we will stand up and fight on your behalf until it is fixed.

Important factors of a divorce that cannot be overlooked are:

Tips for Getting Through Your Divorce

Like so many others in marriages, you probably never thought that you would be divorcing, and yet now it looms over the horizon. Rather than wondering how it is you got to this point, it is better to face the problem head-on.

Prepare yourself for the legal battle ahead with these smart tips everyone should know about divorce:

  • Budget: Day-to-day expenses all add up into one monthly sum. You need to calculate what your living expenses usually cost you every 30 days, not just every week, especially if you are not the chief breadwinner.
  • Teamwork: Controlling spouses will not stop trying to be assertive and commanding just because you are divorcing. Do not attempt to talk to your spouse alone to work something out. Always go into any conversation or mediation with a New York family law attorney from our law firm at your side.
  • Procedure: The divorce court follows a strict set of guidelines and rules when it comes to posing arguments and presenting evidence. If you were planning on taking the time to tell the judge “your side of the story,” you need to plan again, for this probably will not happen.
  • Protection: If your spouse has a violent history or the tendency to overreact with anger at things, you might want to consider filing for an order of protection just before serving your divorce paperwork. Always take steps to remove yourself from dangerous situations, even if that means calling the police for something your spouse has done.
  • Children: Remember that if you share children with your spouse, the court will act to uphold their best interests before considering those of either parent. Anticipate what will benefit your kids and plan accordingly to avoid stress and surprises later.

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Men and women need to be willing to stand up and speak their minds when it comes to divorce, or else a one-sided court system could strip away their rights. At Hedayati Law Group, our New York divorce lawyers are proud to be able to say that we provide fair, honest, and tenacious representation for New Yorkers in all sorts of divorce or family law situations. With us leading the way, you can be confident that your divorce will end fairly and with as little stress as possible.

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