Child Custody 101

A divorce can often feel like a two-sided ordeal: you against your spouse. While this is understandable and connects to the roots of the procedure, this is not always the case. If you share children with your spouse, you need to be aware that they are going to get tied up in your divorce one way or another. To find the smoothest path through this process for you and your family, including your young ones, it can help to know some basics about child custody ahead of time.

  • Setting your own terms: Child custody deals with who will raise your children, why, and when. Who better to make that decision than you and your spouse? If matters are not too heated between the two of you, child custody agreements can be formed out of court. However, you will still want to have a lawyer to represent you to ensure you are not being exploited or overlooking something critical.
  • Children are placed first: If a court-appointed judge does have to make the final call in a child custody dispute, they are going to use their own discretion and try to do what is best for the children. Each individual parent’s needs will be put on a backburner while your children’s own are evaluated.
  • Supposing support: Just because you make more income than your ex does not necessarily mean you will be granted child custody. It is entirely possible that they will gain custody and you will be required to pay child support.
  • Joining forces: Rather than pushing and shoving to get full custody of your children, joint custody can be used to divide your child’s time between the two of you. While this is beneficial as it allows them to live with both parents, it can also be detrimental as it may make your child feel like they do not have a stable living space.
  • Splitting up: Although it is rare, if you have two or more children, you can argue for split custody, which allows you full custody of one child and your spouse full custody of a different child. This could be ideal for you, depending on the strength of your relationships.

Get the Guidance You Need, When You Need It

You should also remember that there is no such thing as a legal dispute that you have to face alone, even when it seems that your spouse is not going to help you at all. There are always legal professionals out there who would be happy to assist you through this troubling time.

At Hedayati Law Group P.C., our Long Island family law attorneys can help you manage your divorce from start to finish, including settling delicate matters pertaining to child custody agreements. With more than 100 years of collective experience, we know the ins and outs of it all, including dealing with modifications and enforcement. Why not give us a call at 631-880-6440 and request your free consultation today?

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