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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Your Divorce
    We, as attorneys, are often asked “Do I really need to hire a divorce attorney or should I try to represent myself?” The operative word in this question is try. While anyone can try to represent himself or herself in their legal matter, it is ill-advised. Below are the top reasons why you should not represent yourself in court: By Human Nature, You Are Emotionally Invested in Your Own Case Family ...
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  • Child Custody 101
    A divorce can often feel like a two-sided ordeal: you against your spouse. While this is understandable and connects to the roots of the procedure, this is not always the case. If you share children with your spouse, you need to be aware that they are going to get tied up in your divorce one way or another. To find the smoothest path through this process for you and your family, including your ...
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  • How Long Does the Non-Custodial Parent Have to Pay Child Support in New York?
    One of the most important and frequently asked questions from clients is for how long are they responsible for child support ? In New York, child support must be paid until the child turns 21 years of age if that child is either living at home or attending college. Further, the parents may memorialize an agreement, whether a separation or divorce , to extend the child support obligation to an ...
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