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  • Guarding Your Business Assets During a Divorce
    While divorce is never easy, your separation can become that much more complicated if your marital property and business assets overlap. Since many people devote their lives to seeing their business grow and flourish, learning that its control or even existence may be compromised as a result of your separation from your spouse can be a crushing blow. Fortunately, regardless of whether your ...
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  • How Soon To Date After Divorce?
    Many people who have finalized their divorce have one question on their mind: “When can I start dating again?” It is understandable to want to start a new relationship and find companionship again. But rushing into the dating scene too soon can have its pitfalls, both emotionally and legally. Balancing the Most Delicate of Scales The whole concept of divorce is centered on improving your own life ...
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  • Social Media & Divorce: What to Do & Avoid
    Most of us use social media to share exciting life experiences and vent our frustrations. Depending on what is going on in your life, social media could actually be used to hurt you, especially if you are going through a family law dispute or divorce . Just as how you are warned that everything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law after being arrested, you need to be aware that ...
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  • Life After Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
    Society, the media, and entertainment has painted a pretty clear picture about divorce . Everywhere you look, you hear frightful stories of bad memories and generally bad times both during and after. The message is so consistently clear that it might be hard to believe that it’s consistently wrong. Divorce doesn’t have to be debilitating, frustrating, and damaging. You can take this time apart ...
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  • New NY Spousal Maintenance Law Goes into Effect
    As of January 25 th , 2016, New York’s new spousal maintenance legislation signed into law on September 25 th , 2015 is now in effect. The law brings changes to the way that temporary and post-divorce maintenance awards are calculated during divorce . While previously up to $543,000.00 of a person’s income would be considered in the maintenance guideline calculation, this legislation drops this ...
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  • Update to New York's Spousal Support Law
    Being ordered by the court to pay your ex-spouse alimony month after month can be frustrating in the best of situations. Your marriage has ended and yet you can feel anchored by the past. What makes matters worse for so many divorced New Yorkers is the fact that spousal support laws in the state are notoriously convoluted. Thanks to a recent bill, most of those problems should be alleviated. The ...
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