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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Your Divorce
    We, as attorneys, are often asked “Do I really need to hire a divorce attorney or should I try to represent myself?” The operative word in this question is try. While anyone can try to represent himself or herself in their legal matter, it is ill-advised. Below are the top reasons why you should not represent yourself in court: By Human Nature, You Are Emotionally Invested in Your Own Case Family ...
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  • Pope Francis to Weigh In On Divorce in the Catholic Church
    Devout Catholics have been divided over how the faith addresses divorce and remarriage for decades, at least. On one side of the issue, many believe that original doctrines must be deliberately followed, which is to say that after a divorce, there should be no remarriage and can be no Communion for the divorced. On the other, they see that times are changing and believe that divorce should not ...
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  • Attorney Sylvia Ayass Interviewed for Trump Agency Immigration Case
    Jamaican fashion model Alexia Palmer has filed a class action lawsuit against Trump Model Management LLC, a fashion and modeling agency owned by Donald Trump. Ms. Palmer alleged that she received just under $4,000 in three years of work, despite her work-visa application stating that she would receive $75,000 a year while living in the United States. If the statements are proven in court – a judge ...
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  • New NY Spousal Maintenance Law Goes into Effect
    As of January 25 th , 2016, New York’s new spousal maintenance legislation signed into law on September 25 th , 2015 is now in effect. The law brings changes to the way that temporary and post-divorce maintenance awards are calculated during divorce . While previously up to $543,000.00 of a person’s income would be considered in the maintenance guideline calculation, this legislation drops this ...
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