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Tips For Fathers Fighting For Child Custody

Fighting for custody of your children as a father can be a disheartening struggle. Society often leads people to believe that only mothers can gain custody and fathers only are granted custody when the mother is unfit to parent. There are ways to increase your chances of gaining custody of your children, though. Here are some actions you can take to help you earn custody.


Before you take your divorce to court and endure an expensive and stressful trial, try to negotiate. Many couples can settle their divorce out of court through mediation and can resolve their dispute on their own. Talk with your spouse about a parenting agreement. Not only can a parenting agreement save you the hassle of court, but co-parenting your children is the best solution for them as well.

Helicopter Parent

Helicopter parents often get a bad rap, but being present for your child in multiple ways can support your bid for custody. Attend recitals, games, parent/teacher conferences, and performances, pick them up from school and practice, and spend time doing homework and other activities. Be visible to their teachers, coaches, caregivers, and doctors, so they know you are involved in your children’s lives. Being an integral part of your kids’ day-to-day lives strengthens your case.

Get References

Ask family members, friends, church leaders, and colleagues to write a statement about your personality and parenting. If you can present affidavits written by those in the community who have witnessed your commitment to your children, you are more likely to be considered for custody than if your case relied on your word alone.

Flex Your Finances

If you are in a better financial position than your spouse, flaunt it to the court. A parent who is able to provide a comfortable, safe home in an area with a good school is more likely to be awarded custody than a parent who cannot. If you are in a better position to provide for your child, be sure to present that.

Recent years have brought changes to the way fathers are handled in custody decisions. More and more states are adopting laws that give the father equal standing with the mother in the eyes of the court, making it easier for fathers to gain custody of their children.

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May 30, 2024 – Al Hedayati, Esq.

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