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Tips For Effective Co-parenting After A Divorce

For divorced parents, co-parenting effectively in the aftermath of a divorce can be difficult, particularly if the relationship is still rather contentious and fraught with raw emotions. However, being able to co-parent in a civil manner is incredibly important for your children since it provides a sense of stability and security for them. You might never be happy at the thought of having to continuously deal with your ex-spouse, but making this relationship work is about your children and their well-being.

Here are some tips to help you remain calm, consistent, and keep the focus on your kids:

You should also refrain from using your children as messengers. If there is a message you wish to convey to your co-parent, do so directly. There is no reason to put your children in the middle of a potential conflict.

You should also consider the most effective methods for communicating with your ex. Remember, you do not always have to meet in person. You can choose to communicate over the phone, or send texts and emails, depending on what works best for your dynamic. Ultimately, your goal should be to establish a type of conflict-free communication.

When speaking with your co-parent, consider doing the following:

  • Set a formal, but cordial, tone.
  • Make requests instead of statements.
  • Take the time to truly listen and understand what your co-parent is saying.
  • Exhibit some restraint and try not to overreact.
  • Commit to engaging in frequent communication.
  • Keep conversations focused on the needs of your children.

To achieve consistency, you and your co-parent should:

  • Try to establish similar rules regarding homework, curfews, and off-limit activities.
  • When rules are broken, both households must be on the same page in terms of discipline. Both households should also have similar rewards for good behavior.
  • You should also strive for similar schedules in both households, including meal time, homework, and bed time. This will spare your children the trouble of having to readjust after every visit.

For important decision-making, it is crucial to always be open, honest, and straightforward. This is essential not only for the well-being of your child, but for your relationship with your ex as well. No matter how well you work together, remember that disagreements are inevitable and, when they do occur, you need to keep in mind that respect goes a long way. Keep talking until you are able to reach a compromise that you are both able to accept.

When your children leave, there are a few things you can do to prepare them:

  • Remind them they will be visiting their other parent’s home a couple of days before the visit.
  • Help your children pack in advance and encourage packing things that are familiar like beloved stuffed toys or a photograph.
  • Never pick up your children from their other parent’s home. Instead, drop them off to avoid interrupting any special moments they might be having with their parent.

When your children return, help them adjust:

  • Arrange for some down time together. Choose a quiet bonding activity that does not put pressure on them to behave as they normally would.
  • In some cases, your kids might need some time to adjust. If it seems like your children are in need of space, do something else nearby, and allow them some time to themselves.
  • Establish a special routine that helps them know what to expect upon their return. It will help facilitate a smooth transition.

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May 30, 2024 – Al Hedayati, Esq.

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