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Social Media And Child Custody — What Should Or Should Not Be Posted?

The use of social media has become increasingly prevalent in our society, and it is now used in child custody cases. While some parents may think they can post whatever whenever they want, including details about their children, it is advised to think twice before sharing.

How Social Media Can Play A Role In A Child Custody Case

Social media can play a critical role in child custody cases and is increasingly becoming a significant factor for judges to consider. Social media has the potential to provide insight into how involved each parent is in the child’s life and can be used as evidence of parental involvement, such as sharing photos and videos of family activities or attending school events.

It may also be used as evidence of inappropriate interaction with other adults or even, in extreme situations, physical or verbal abuse. Whether positive or negative, social media can present valuable information to family court judges and should be treated seriously by all parties involved in a custody dispute.

The Types Of Posts That Could Be Used Against A Parent

If one parent uses their social media platforms to post pictures or talk about excessive drinking, partying late into the night, and other inappropriate behaviors, it may show that they are not fit to care for the child adequately. In addition, if one parent is making negative comments about the other parent on their social media accounts, it could also reflect poorly on them and hurt their chances of gaining custody.

Lastly, social media posts with obscure references to drugs or abusive behavior can raise serious red flags during child custody proceedings. It is important for both parents to think carefully before posting anything on social media regarding the situation they find themselves in.

Questions About What You Should Or Should Not Post On Social Media During Your Child Custody Case?

Social media plays an important role in many court cases involving child custody. It is important to remember that anything posted on social media can be used as evidence, as it may provide insight into the character and actions of one or both parties involved. Moreover, attorneys can often use social media records to assist their clients even if the information isn’t directly incorporated into the court proceedings.

If you have questions about how social media might affect your case for child custody or want advice on protecting yourself online, contact Hedayati Law Group P.C.. Our team is ready to help you get the best possible outcome for your child custody matter. Reach out to our experienced Long Island child custody attorneys online or by phone to schedule a consultation. (516) 334-4100

May 29, 2024 – Al Hedayati, Esq.

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