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Same-sex Marriage Still Making Headlines Two Weeks In

Over two weeks have passed since the landmark ruling on same-sex marriage, yet headlines continue to bombard the internet surrounding this very topic. An overwhelming number of them are positive, but it seems that just as many are controversial.

The Supreme Court made it clear that states are not allowed to refuse to marry same-sex couples. Even still, there are those that struggle to accept this fact, including Texas, Kentucky, and Alabama. Employees in positions affected by the ruling are refusing outright and using their “religious liberties” as a basis to do so.

One county clerk in Texas informed her staff that she would not be issuing any same-sex marriage licenses after the ruling. Other county clerks in Kentucky chose to resign from their position, along with a probate judge in Alabama who did the same. An Ohio municipal judge refused to marry two women in his court because of Christian beliefs.

Clearly the opposition to same-sex marriage has not been eliminated just because of the Supreme Court’s decision. This makes it difficult for couples who want to exercise their civil liberties, but are being turned away by defiant employees.

Is New York Experiencing the Same Animosity?

Same-sex couples in New York may have an advantage over those in other states as the right to marry was first recognized in 2011. The state has had several years to grow accustomed and the Supreme Court’s ruling came as less of a surprise.

Even still, it can be worrisome to pursue any legal decision as a same-sex couple in light of the backlash going on throughout the country. Whether you wish to marry or are pursuing divorce, it is important to ensure that your rights will be upheld and our firm can help ensure that this is the case.

At Hedayati Law Group P.C., our Long Island family law attorneys share more than 100 years of legal experience. We understand court systems in New York and will do whatever it takes to fight for your best outcome amidst these changing times.

Simply put, our firm is on your side. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation!

May 29, 2024 – Al Hedayati, Esq.

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