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Online Dating Profiles Are Commonly Used As Evidence In Divorce Court

Dating during a divorce may be frowned upon, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t still happen. Online dating profiles can be a popular way for many people to meet potential romantic connections, and those going through a divorce may turn to these sites to find a new partner or just to enjoy their new-found freedom and have some fun. Even if your actions are legal, you may still want to reconsider your dating profile if your divorce hasn’t been finalized.

States with no-fault divorce laws, including New York, may allow spouses to legally date before their divorce is finalized, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Even if your divorce is filed on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown, dating while you are still legally married may be considered adultery. Even if you do not suffer any legal repercussions for your actions, you may still see the effects on your divorce.

Until your divorce is finalized, you may be in competition with your spouse to ensure that you receive the divorce settlement you desire. Your spouse’s attorney may be looking for ways to discredit you in court, especially in cases where child custody is being determined. You may try to keep your dating life a secret from your spouse, but that doesn’t mean that your online dating profile won’t be used against you. Your profile may be carefully dissected for anything that can be used as evidence against you. What evidence is being sought, however?

Distortions of the Truth

It’s common knowledge that many people add a few inches to their height, take a few pounds off their weight, or shave a few years off their age. It isn’t a surprise that lawyers may be looking for more serious distortions of the truth. Claims of being single or stating that you have no children when these facts are untrue may be used to demonstrate a lack of character. This can harm your standing in divorce court, particularly if you are trying to win custody of your children.

Information About Income

If your spouse suspects that you aren’t being truthful about your income, assets, or expenditures, they may investigate your social media and dating profiles for clues about your true value. If you are listing expensive hobbies or posting pictures that show a lifestyle that is more luxurious than you claim to afford, you may find yourself being investigated for hiding assets or lying about your income. This can lead to a drawn out and messy divorce.

How to Protect Yourself

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid dating until your divorce is finalized. You can save yourself an incredible amount of stress and time by waiting a few months until you are single and free to date again. If you choose not to wait, be sure to consult your attorney about what you can do to minimize the impact of your dating on your divorce. Take steps to represent yourself truthfully online and minimize your presence on social media. The less you post, the less evidence is available to be used against you in court.

If you are going through a divorce the Hedayati Law Group P.C. is here to help you. This can be a trying and stressful time, but our Long Island divorce attorneys can provide you with award-winning legal counsel backed by more than a century of collective experience. You can expect personalized strategies and compassionate client service from our team.

May 29, 2024 – Al Hedayati, Esq.

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