Navigating a Complex Divorce — What You Need to Know

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Navigating a complex divorce can be daunting. The decisions you make during this time will have a lasting impact on your life. That's why it's important to know what to look for and how to protect yourself.

What is a Complex Divorce?

There are many reasons why a divorce may be considered complex such as:

  • If you have a lot of assets or property to divide (such as a business);
  • If you have children (especially if one parent lives in a separate state); and,
  • If there are high-conflict personalities. If you are constantly arguing with your ex and cannot come to an agreement on anything, it can make the divorce process very long and difficult.

How Can Exes Ensure They Get Their Fair Share?

People can do a few things to ensure they get their fair share in a complex divorce.

First, be organized and keep track of all the assets and property you own. This includes things like bank accounts, investments, real estate, and anything else of value. You will need to provide this information to your lawyer so they can help you determine what is fair. It's also a good idea to keep copies of important financial documents, like tax returns and mortgage statements.

If you have children, it's important to create a parenting plan that outlines how custody and visitation will work. This can help avoid arguments and make the divorce process go more smoothly.

Lastly, it's important to be prepared to negotiate and be willing to compromise. If you can do these things, you will be more likely to get a fair outcome in your complex divorce.

Is it Possible to Divide Complex Assets Without a Drawn-Out Battle With Your Spouse?

It is possible to divide complex assets without a drawn-out battle with your spouse, but it will take some cooperation and compromise. You must first agree on what the assets are worth. Then, you will need to decide how you want to divide them. You can do this through asset division, spousal support, or property division. Once you have decided how to divide the assets, you will need to ensure that you and your ex are on board with the plan. If you can do all of these things, you should be able to avoid a lengthy and difficult divorce.

If you are going through a complex divorce, it's important to know your rights and what you're entitled to. With a qualified lawyer's help, you can ensure that you get a fair outcome.

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