Tips to Help Negotiate Alimony in New York

Alimony, or spousal support, can be a point of contention in many divorce cases. The amount you will pay or be paid can have an impact on your financial future for years to come, so it is important to negotiate an alimony payment that will fit your needs. It isn’t often that permanent alimony will be awarded, and usually, alimony will only be temporary. The length of time and amount you pay alimony for or receive alimony for is often open to negotiation, so long as the end amount is reasonable and fair. Learn some tips to help you negotiate a favorable alimony settlement.

Get a Lawyer

It is more likely that you will receive a favorable alimony settlement if you have the support of an experienced divorce attorney on your side. Be prepared to hire a lawyer to help you before you enter into negotiations. A good divorce attorney will be skilled in negotiations and can help you negotiate for a monthly alimony payment that meets your needs.

Be Ready to Compromise

Negotiation means compromise, so be prepared to make some sacrifices to get an alimony agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. Your attorney can help you decide what areas you can be flexible in and where you should stand firm to ensure your needs are met. Your lawyer can negotiate with your needs in mind if they know where you are willing to compromise.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

If you are stressed and looking to end your divorce quickly, it can be tempting to accept the very first offer. It is typically possible to negotiate a better settlement with some extra time and deliberation. The first offer is likely to be completely unreasonable and is only provided to begin a discussion.

Don’t Forget the Division of Assets

During a divorce, marital property will be distributed to each spouse in a manner that is considered fair by the court. Asset division can affect your alimony settlement, so it is important to figure that into your negotiations. Your lawyer can help you ensure that you receive a fair alimony settlement amount. If your spouse received a more generous share of the assets, the final alimony decision should reflect that.

Remember Your Children

You may be able to use your children’s needs to help your cause when it comes to alimony payments. Making purchases or paying tuition or enrollment fees may allow you to negotiate a lower payment if you are the paying spouse. If you are the receiving spouse, you may be able to receive a larger settlement if you can demonstrate how your alimony will be used to help fund your shared children’s needs.

Negotiating alimony can be a delicate balancing act, so it is important to ensure that you have a skilled and experienced divorce attorney on your side. Your lawyer can use their previous experience and negotiation skills to help you secure an alimony agreement that is satisfactory and suits your needs.

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