Biggest Celeb Divorce of 2016: The End of Brangelina

Were you surprised to hear that one of the crowd favorite Hollywood power couples, “Brangelina” (an amalgamation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), was divorcing? Allegedly, so was Brad Pitt when Angelina sprung the paperwork on him just a day before she headed to the courthouse to make it official. The grounds for her divorce was simply “irreconcilable differences”, or no-fault in other terms.

Angelina has requested full physical custody of the couple’s six children, meaning they would live solely with her. She did request joint legal custody and appears to be open-minded about creating a visitation schedule that would work for Brad. In a statement made to People Magazine, Brad stated that the wellbeing of their children was his priority. It is yet to be known if this means he agrees with the child custody requests or not.

As far as physical and monetary property, Angelina didn’t specify too much. She requested that she get to keep certain pieces of jewelry and personal effects, most likely heirlooms or sentimental trinkets, and that her earnings and financial accumulations that take place after the divorce filing be solely hers. The paperwork claimed that the exact value of the rest of their marital and her own separate property are unknown at the time, which reveals she and her attorney did not have time to catalogue everything before the filing. It would seem that standard property division methods will be used for the remaining property, but that can become notoriously complicated in a high net worth divorce such as theirs.

Other than serving as a reminder of Hollywood’s penchant for both bringing together and separating couples in wedlock, the Brangelina split also reminds us all that even the best of marriages can come to an end. A-lister George Clooney, who is a close friend to both Brad and Angelina, was visibly stunned when he heard the news, indicating it was a decision kept secret from everyone. What is most important now is how each actor handles their affairs and the knowledgeability of their lawyers.

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