Life After Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Society, the media, and entertainment has painted a pretty clear picture about divorce. Everywhere you look, you hear frightful stories of bad memories and generally bad times both during and after. The message is so consistently clear that it might be hard to believe that it’s consistently wrong.

Divorce doesn’t have to be debilitating, frustrating, and damaging. You can take this time apart from your ex-spouse as time for you to grow as a person, find your center, and gain a new perspective on relationships. In some ways, divorcing in today’s day and age is easier, and decidedly less painful, than ever.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Your Own Divorce

With no-fault law finally being accepted by all 50 states, irreconcilable differences can be cited for the reasoning behind any divorce; no longer do you need to wait for “legal grounds” to take the plunge and make the break. Mediation and collaborative divorces are also available that promote a healthy relationship between you and your ex, even before the split is official and finalized. There are also numerous technological advances to make things simple that weren’t here just a few years ago. For example, there are multiple services to arrange for alimony and child support to be paid automatically; never miss a payment and face the consequences or anger from your ex ever again.

Fathers’ rights are also on the rise as each state now allows joint child custody agreements and accepts that a father has parenting rights as well as a mother. Speaking of parental instincts, you should also take this time to focus on your children. Since you won’t be needing to give your ex as much attention on a day-to-day basis, shift your focus to your kids. Research shows that children will not have any lasting adverse effects to divorce if their parents can get along afterwards and are regularly present in their lives. Currently, about 20% of kids will be negatively affected due to resulting neglect, and one has to wonder if the stigma and unwarranted social embarrassment surrounding divorce is to blame.

There’s also one more reason why divorce should not be seen as the end of the world or the beginning of a harsh new era: Hedayati Law Group, P.C. is here to help you! Our Long Island divorce attorneys have more than 100 years of combined legal experience when it comes to assisting families through times as challenging as divorce. If you run into a problem, we have the solution. If you think you’re getting lost in the process, we’ll guide you. Don’t go alone when you have friends here.

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