How Long Does the Non-Custodial Parent Have to Pay Child Support in New York?

One of the most important and frequently asked questions from clients is for how long are they responsible for child support? In New York, child support must be paid until the child turns 21 years of age if that child is either living at home or attending college.

Further, the parents may memorialize an agreement, whether a separation or divorce, to extend the child support obligation to an older age. Though not automatically, in certain situations the child may emancipate (meaning relieve the obligation of the supporting parent) when he/she enters the military, gets full-time employment, gets married without the blessing of their parents, or leaves the custodial parent’s home to avoid parental control, prior to reaching the age of 21.

DO NOT STOP making payments towards your child support if you believe that one of the aforementioned instances has occurred, as you must make an application to the Court to obtain an order to terminate the child support order.

If you have a question about your child support order, contact the Long Island divorce attorneys at Hedayati Law Group, P.C.

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