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  • Guarding Your Business Assets During a Divorce
    While divorce is never easy, your separation can become that much more complicated if your marital property and business assets overlap. Since many people devote their lives to seeing their business grow and flourish, learning that its control or even existence may be compromised as a result of your separation from your spouse can be a crushing blow. Fortunately, regardless of whether your ...
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  • Considering Separation Over Divorce
    Divorces can seem so final because, for the most part, they are. It can be troublesome to stop a divorce once it starts and even more challenging to undo its effects once it finalizes. If you are certain that you need some time away from your spouse to settle your thoughts but are not certain you want to do so indefinitely, there is another way that is not necessarily as permanent as a divorce. ...
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  • How Long Does the Non-Custodial Parent Have to Pay Child Support in New York?
    One of the most important and frequently asked questions from clients is for how long are they responsible for child support ? In New York, child support must be paid until the child turns 21 years of age if that child is either living at home or attending college. Further, the parents may memorialize an agreement, whether a separation or divorce , to extend the child support obligation to an ...
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