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  • Can a Prenuptial Agreement Become Voided?
    If you took the time to draft a prenuptial agreement before getting married, you have accomplished a family law feat that most people forget or are too intimidated to try. A prenuptial agreement can be a fantastic way to protect your assets and interests, just in case you decide that your marriage no longer makes you happy. But, like any other form of legal contract, a prenup won’t mean a thing ...
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  • Jewish Orthodox Marriages Face Prenuptial Agreement Controversies
    A prenuptial agreement can be used by couples who are preparing to enter into marriage to set some ground rules upfront about what must be done in the event that their marriage was not meant to be forever. This is growing in popularity across the country, even here in New York, as people start to recognize it not as a sign that their spouse lacks faith in the marriage’s chances but rather that ...
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  • Documents You Should Prepare for Divorce
    Preparation and thoroughness is the key to success in all facets of life, and divorce is not an exception. As you and your spouse get into the thick of your divorce proceedings, there are sure to be a slew of arguments or disagreements. The more official paperwork you have on-hand, the easier it can be to keep track of what is important and prove your point to any presiding officials. Documents ...
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  • Modifying or Nullifying Prenups After Marriage in NY
    One of the most commonly asked questions regarding prenuptial agreements is whether or not they can be changed after a couple has married. The answer is yes, a couple can modify or even nullify the terms of their prenup if they so choose. If certain aspects of a prenup are changed, any untouched conditions within the existing terms will continue to be effective as if nothing happened. For an ...
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  • Saving Face: Why Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement is Worth It
    As marriage is widely considered the truest form of love and commitment, the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement can be a delicate subject to many couples. Just acknowledging the possibility of an eventual divorce can spark heated debates or feelings of uncertainty. However, with some thought and research, you will be able to see why drafting a prenuptial agreement is ultimately worth it. The ...
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