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  • Don't Make These 4 Big Mistakes If You're Fighting for Child Custody
    For many people, a child custody dispute is representative of the most difficult battle they will need to face in their lifetime. The outcome, no matter which way it sways, will affect both spouses as well as their children for years, if not the rest of their lives. Every step in a child custody battle must be carefully planned and deliberate, for a single slip-up could be disastrous for a ...
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  • Tips for Handling Child Custody during the Holidays
    Between making last minute arrangements and organizing family gatherings, the holiday season can be stressful on its own. For divorced parents, it can be an especially rough time. It is often difficult for children and parents alike to adjust to splitting a holiday and when celebrations conflict with normally scheduled custody arrangements, disputes can quickly arise. However, no matter how you ...
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  • 400+ Million FriendFinder Networks Accounts Exposed by Hackers
    FriendFinder Networks owns and operates a number of “adult-oriented” websites that are popular around the world. In order to access these websites, users must provide personal and identifying information in an account. Hackers claim to have recently broken into FriendFinder Network’s data sources and exposed more than 412 million user accounts, and the implications of what this could mean are only ...
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  • Four Common Divorce Myths
    When a marriage comes to an end, spouses often look to friends and family for advice. However, a divorce can be highly situational and the average person may not have a detailed understanding of the legal process. What may have been correct in one case may not apply to all divorces. For example, laws are always subject to change and regulations often vary from state to state. Many divorce myths ...
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  • Biggest Celeb Divorce of 2016: The End of Brangelina
    Were you surprised to hear that one of the crowd favorite Hollywood power couples, “Brangelina” (an amalgamation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), was divorcing ? Allegedly, so was Brad Pitt when Angelina sprung the paperwork on him just a day before she headed to the courthouse to make it official. The grounds for her divorce was simply “irreconcilable differences”, or no-fault in other terms. ...
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  • Life After Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
    Society, the media, and entertainment has painted a pretty clear picture about divorce . Everywhere you look, you hear frightful stories of bad memories and generally bad times both during and after. The message is so consistently clear that it might be hard to believe that it’s consistently wrong. Divorce doesn’t have to be debilitating, frustrating, and damaging. You can take this time apart ...
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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Your Divorce
    We, as attorneys, are often asked “Do I really need to hire a divorce attorney or should I try to represent myself?” The operative word in this question is try. While anyone can try to represent himself or herself in their legal matter, it is ill-advised. Below are the top reasons why you should not represent yourself in court: By Human Nature, You Are Emotionally Invested in Your Own Case Family ...
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  • Recognizing and Dealing with PAS
    A heated divorce will not only affect the emotions of both spouses but also those of their children. It is not uncommon for children and teenagers to lose a sense of trust in either or both parents, resulting in them distancing themselves as they try to sort the situation out. By the time child custody agreements are finalized, a child may decide to push one parent as far away as possible. When ...
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  • Child Custody 101
    A divorce can often feel like a two-sided ordeal: you against your spouse. While this is understandable and connects to the roots of the procedure, this is not always the case. If you share children with your spouse, you need to be aware that they are going to get tied up in your divorce one way or another. To find the smoothest path through this process for you and your family, including your ...
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