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  • Pope Francis to Weigh In On Divorce in the Catholic Church
    Devout Catholics have been divided over how the faith addresses divorce and remarriage for decades, at least. On one side of the issue, many believe that original doctrines must be deliberately followed, which is to say that after a divorce, there should be no remarriage and can be no Communion for the divorced. On the other, they see that times are changing and believe that divorce should not ...
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  • What are the Grounds for Annulment in New York?
    While a majority of people have heard the term “ annulment ,” many people erroneously assume that it is just another word for divorce . While both an annulment and a divorce are methods of ending a couple’s marriage, an annulment takes this a step further by declaring that the marriage never existed in the first place. Unlike divorce, an annulment cannot be pursued for reasons of irreconcilable ...
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