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Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • Four Common Divorce Myths
    When a marriage comes to an end, spouses often look to friends and family for advice. However, a divorce can be highly situational and the average person may not have a detailed understanding of the legal process. What may have been correct in one case may not apply to all divorces. For example, laws are always subject to change and regulations often vary from state to state. Many divorce myths ...
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  • Five Biggest Divorce Mistakes to Avoid
    During a divorce , spouses will undertake the tremendously complex task of dividing a shared life. Couples must make decisions on issues ranging from child custody to the distribution of marital assets. With so much on the line, emotions such as anger, frustration, and confusion can make it difficult to know what you are supposed to do. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to say or do ...
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