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Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Common Ways Spouses Hide Assets During Divorce
    Aside from child custody , asset division is arguably the most contentious issue couples face during divorce . Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to gain the upper hand in this issue by hiding assets before or during a divorce to avoid sharing them with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Hiding assets during divorce is sly, unethical, and downright illegal – but it happens far more frequently that many ...
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  • 400+ Million FriendFinder Networks Accounts Exposed by Hackers
    FriendFinder Networks owns and operates a number of “adult-oriented” websites that are popular around the world. In order to access these websites, users must provide personal and identifying information in an account. Hackers claim to have recently broken into FriendFinder Network’s data sources and exposed more than 412 million user accounts, and the implications of what this could mean are only ...
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  • Guarding Your Business Assets During a Divorce
    While divorce is never easy, your separation can become that much more complicated if your marital property and business assets overlap. Since many people devote their lives to seeing their business grow and flourish, learning that its control or even existence may be compromised as a result of your separation from your spouse can be a crushing blow. Fortunately, regardless of whether your ...
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  • Why should I retain an attorney for my divorce?
    The process of obtaining a divorce is seldom quick, painless, or without complication. It is difficult to navigate the seemingly endless paperwork that must be filed in the event you and your spouse find yourselves seeking to dissolve your marriage. Many websites and services exist that make the claim that divorce can be “cheap and fast”. Be warned that these claims are typically false, and it is ...
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