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Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • Family Court in NY: On the Mend But Still Needs Work
    Family disputes can be extremely emotional and complex matters, especially when child custody or paternity is concerned. When parents in New York are faced with a dispute that requires legal attention, many of them turn to the Family Court system for justice. Unfortunately, many families are forced to wait months if not years to have their cases heard due to the woeful inefficiencies of the ...
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  • Divorce in New York and Debt: What Happens to It?
    When you are married in New York State, everything that you and your spouse buy, collect, and acquire becomes marital property, unless you have some sort of prenuptial agreement that says otherwise. From your family car to even your family business, all of it becomes communal, and all of it needs to be split up fairly using equitable distribution should you get a divorce . To make it clear, ...
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