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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Relocation After Divorce
    Whether the choice to dissolve your marriage was yours, your spouse’s, or a joint decision, you both probably want to get some much-needed space between the two of you. This is natural, understandable, and even occurs during the most amicable of uncontested divorces . People just want to have that buffer zone to think and set their lives on track again. There is just one problem, though. If you ...
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  • Pope Francis Expedites Annulments of Catholic Marriages
    In a controversial – but seemingly widely-approved – decision, Pope Francis has set the stage to streamline the Catholic Church’s annulment process. In particular, lengthy appeal processes will be removed and critical decisions regarding an annulment will likely be available to lower-levels of clergy. Overall, it should take away months or years out of the annulment process for most Catholic ...
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