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Blog Posts in 2015

  • What are the Grounds for Annulment in New York?
    While a majority of people have heard the term “ annulment ,” many people erroneously assume that it is just another word for divorce . While both an annulment and a divorce are methods of ending a couple’s marriage, an annulment takes this a step further by declaring that the marriage never existed in the first place. Unlike divorce, an annulment cannot be pursued for reasons of irreconcilable ...
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  • Modifying or Nullifying Prenups After Marriage in NY
    One of the most commonly asked questions regarding prenuptial agreements is whether or not they can be changed after a couple has married. The answer is yes, a couple can modify or even nullify the terms of their prenup if they so choose. If certain aspects of a prenup are changed, any untouched conditions within the existing terms will continue to be effective as if nothing happened. For an ...
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  • Considering Separation Over Divorce
    Divorces can seem so final because, for the most part, they are. It can be troublesome to stop a divorce once it starts and even more challenging to undo its effects once it finalizes. If you are certain that you need some time away from your spouse to settle your thoughts but are not certain you want to do so indefinitely, there is another way that is not necessarily as permanent as a divorce. ...
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  • Child Custody 101
    A divorce can often feel like a two-sided ordeal: you against your spouse. While this is understandable and connects to the roots of the procedure, this is not always the case. If you share children with your spouse, you need to be aware that they are going to get tied up in your divorce one way or another. To find the smoothest path through this process for you and your family, including your ...
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  • Update to New York's Spousal Support Law
    Being ordered by the court to pay your ex-spouse alimony month after month can be frustrating in the best of situations. Your marriage has ended and yet you can feel anchored by the past. What makes matters worse for so many divorced New Yorkers is the fact that spousal support laws in the state are notoriously convoluted. Thanks to a recent bill, most of those problems should be alleviated. The ...
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  • Relocation After Divorce
    Whether the choice to dissolve your marriage was yours, your spouse’s, or a joint decision, you both probably want to get some much-needed space between the two of you. This is natural, understandable, and even occurs during the most amicable of uncontested divorces . People just want to have that buffer zone to think and set their lives on track again. There is just one problem, though. If you ...
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  • Pope Francis Expedites Annulments of Catholic Marriages
    In a controversial – but seemingly widely-approved – decision, Pope Francis has set the stage to streamline the Catholic Church’s annulment process. In particular, lengthy appeal processes will be removed and critical decisions regarding an annulment will likely be available to lower-levels of clergy. Overall, it should take away months or years out of the annulment process for most Catholic ...
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  • Same-Sex Marriage Still Making Headlines Two Weeks In
    Over two weeks have passed since the landmark ruling on same-sex marriage , yet headlines continue to bombard the internet surrounding this very topic. An overwhelming number of them are positive, but it seems that just as many are controversial. The Supreme Court made it clear that states are not allowed to refuse to marry same-sex couples. Even still, there are those that struggle to accept this ...
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  • Saving Face: Why Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement is Worth It
    As marriage is widely considered the truest form of love and commitment, the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement can be a delicate subject to many couples. Just acknowledging the possibility of an eventual divorce can spark heated debates or feelings of uncertainty. However, with some thought and research, you will be able to see why drafting a prenuptial agreement is ultimately worth it. The ...
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